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With Gratitude…

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

In this season of thanksgiving it is only appropriate that we express the genuine gratitude we feel in all of our hearts for this community of West Valley. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary year of West Valley Community Services (WVCS), we have the opportunity to deeply reflect on the immeasurable impact the community has had on our organization. In this gratitude blog post, we take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for the incredible partners, donors, staff and community members who have made the past 50 years possible. We feel a deep sense of gratitude not only for the community that supports us, but also for the privilege of serving the community in need every day.

WVCS Over the Years

The Early Years

In 1973 WVCS embarked on a journey to address hunger and homelessness in our community. Our heartfelt and deepest thanks go to the three founders who saw the need and embarked on the mission of helping families and individuals in the community. The first month they helped 12 people. Today we feel humbled to serve thousands. As we look back at the beginnings, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the foresight and compassion of the three nurses who set this compassionate mission in motion.

The Volunteers

Behind every successful nonprofit are the heartbeat and soul – the volunteers. Our deepest gratitude extends to these selfless individuals who have given their time, skills, and compassion to the community. WVCS volunteers embody the very essence of community spirit, demonstrating that true change begins with acts of kindness, big and small. They put in their heart and sweat every day to make the work of WVCS a reality. No words can thank them enough!

The Board

Our past and present Board members have been the giants on whose shoulders we stood and continue to stand to create our vision and growth. From guiding strategic plans to execution processes they have stood by us at every turn to get us to our destination. They shared their wisdom, their time and their enthusiasm to make sure that we thrive. Without our resourceful and strong board we would not be where we are today. Thank you to our board!

Partnerships and Collaborations

WVCS's reach goes beyond its immediate impact, thanks to the invaluable partnerships and collaborations with community organizations, businesses, and government entities. Our gratitude extends to these collaborators, recognizing that it is through collective effort that we can effectively address the root causes of hunger and homelessness to create a stronger safety net for our community. Our elected officials, the cities, our grantors, the foundations and our supporters have consistently been a beacon of hope, providing not only essential resources but also fostering a sense of dignity and community for our staff. Our hearts brim with gratitude for the countless individuals and organizations who have given hope and solace over the last 50 years! Their gifts are a testament to the community’s unwavering commitment to uplifting lives.

Donors and Benefactors

The financial support provided by donors and benefactors is the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization. We express our deepest gratitude to those individuals, businesses, and foundations that have generously contributed to WVCS. Your commitment to our mission has ensured that WVCS can continue its vital work and be a lifeline for those in need.

Staff and Success Stories

WVCS staff past and present have been its core strength. Our hearts swell with pride and gratitude for our staff members who make the real work happen everyday. Amidst their efforts, they have witnessed numerous success stories – tales of individuals who, with the support of the organization and the community at large, have triumphed over adversity. These stories are the true testament, each one representing a victory of resilience and community support.

Looking Ahead

WVCS Main Office

As we celebrate WVCS's 50th anniversary, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the past, but our gaze is firmly fixed on the future. With the unwavering support of partners, donors, volunteers, our board, the staff and the community, we look forward to continuing this journey, knowing that together we can create a future where no one in our community goes hungry or without shelter.

With your continued support, WVCS will undoubtedly continue to be a guiding light, fostering a stronger, more compassionate community for all.

With love and gratitude,

The WVCS Team

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