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Founded in 1973 by three public health nurses, the Cupertino Roundup became incorporated as Cupertino Community Services in 1976. Here are some key milestones from West Valley Community Services’ first 40+ years:

1973   Cupertino Roundup formed as a community outreach program
1976   Cupertino Roundup becomes Cupertino Community Services (CCS)
1985   CCS hosts first BBQ/auction fundraiser at Blackberry Farm
1990   CCS moves to Quinlan Community Center and launches a full service food pantry
1996   CCS acquires a four-plex to provide transitional housing to homeless men, women, and  children
2003   CCS opens Vista Village, featuring expanded offices, a food pantry, and a 24-unit complex for low-income tenants
2008   CCS changes its name to West Valley Community Services (WVCS) to better reflect the community we serve
2009   WVCS gets its first refrigerated Mobile Food Van
2011   WVCS hosts the first Chefs of Compassion fundraising event
2013   WVCS celebrates its 40th Anniversary and the 10th Anniversary of Vista Village
2016   WVCS launches a Mobile Food Pantry with support from Santa Clara County Board of  Supervisors

2017   WVCS adds a walk-in refrigerator as an extension of the WVCS food pantry

2018   WVCS selected as a Bank of America Neighborhood Builder

2019   WVCS chosen as Assembly District 28 Nonprofit of the Year by Assemblymember Evan  Low

2020   WVCS named Nonprofit of the Year and given STAR Award by Cupertino's Chamber of Commerce

2021   WVCS opens and expanded Vista Village Office and Food Market, and launched a new mobile food program, the WVCS Park-It-Market  

For more extensive information on the founding history of WVCS, click here.


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