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If you want to make a difference in your community, meet new people, gain new skills and work experience, and be part of a fantastic team, consider volunteering at West Valley Community Services.

West Valley Community Services volunteers are all ages and from every walk of life - from students to grandparents, from new immigrants to individuals with special needs. You can give as little or as much time as you want, and our volunteer program will match your skills and interests to a role that's just right for you. Here's a sample of what volunteers are involved with at West Valley Community Services:


  • Sorting food and serving clients in our food pantry

  • Helping to check in clients at our front desk

  • Picking up donations of food from partner grocery stores

  • Providing administrative or IT support

  • Serving as an interpreter for clients during case management sessions

  • Driving adults 65+ in and around the west valley as part of the RYDE program

  • Supporting fundraising and community events

  • Helping at special events such as our annual Back to School Clothing Program, Thanksgiving Food Baskets, and Holiday Gift Program

For more information, contact the Manager of Volunteer Services at (408) 255-8033 x303 or email

Some of our volunteers share the positive impact of their volunteer experience:

"West Valley Community Services is a place where you could feel right at home. From the kindness and open arms of both staff and volunteers, we have never felt such warmth and hospitality before. The connections that can be made within this community is amazing. We have experienced the wonderful teamwork of our peers and have been able to help others in any way that was possible. It has been an absolute honor to have been apart of WVCS and to serve the community. "

“The most positive experience is receiving the appreciation from clients that you have made a difference in their daily lives.”

“Working in the food pantry has been a humbling experience. I'm so proud to be a part of this organization that makes such a positive impact on those in need in our community.”

"Bringing smiles to the faces of WVCS clients and co-volunteers. I also have a more pronounced spring in my step when I go home. Usually I don't like my shift to end. I look forward to going to "work at WVCS." Something I never experienced when I actually did go to work."
"Being involved at WVCS has made me so much more aware of the number of people who are struggling to make ends meet here in our community. It has made me feel that my family and I have been living in a 'bubble' and being able to help people a little by volunteering at WVCS has been a positive experience for me."

WVCS Market Volunteer Tour

WVCS Market Volunteer Tour

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The above video was created and edited by Alex Keilty, Volunteer at West Valley Community Services.

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