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Spotlight on Jaime Hurtado - 10th year

This month’s staff highlight focuses on Jaime Hurtado, the WVCS Resident Manager who marks his 10th anniversary with us this year. In a recent conversation with Christine Nguyen, Jaime discussed his experiences with WVCS.

When asked why he joined WVCS, Jaime talked about his work background and motivation. Prior to joining WVCS he worked at a construction development company where he supervised a team of 6 while also managing and maintaining two commercial properties. When the position opened up at WVCS he recognized the opportunity to have a job that he loves doing and that also offers him career advancement potential. Also important to him were (and are!) the position stability, strong community, and good local schools for his children.

In terms of career growth and learning, Jaime mentions that he has enhanced his computer skills and further developed his customer service interactions. He has also built strong vendor relationships and loves the teamwork involved in the job, especially being part of the Emergency Committee.

Responding to the question "What are you most proud of in your work over the last 10 years?", Jaime discussed several major projects that stand out, including: the renovation project of Greenwood units converting all the units from transition housing to permanent BMR housing units; the solar project at Greenwood; remodeling the Vista Village units; and the WVCS building expansion and move plan.

When wrapping up the conversation with the question "Is there anything else you would like us to know?", Jaime stated that he has done all the mentioned projects and continues supporting WVCS because he believes in WVCS mission and values. He also loves the strong relationship with the team that he has developed over the years.

The WVCS staff and community love you right back Jaime, and congratulate you on your 10th anniversary with us!

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