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Haven to Home Job Program

The Haven to Home Job Training Program is offered in partnership with the City of Cupertino and annually provides on-the-job experience and training within WVCS operations for two unhoused individuals. The city funds this program, which ultimately helps support the participants’ future employment, housing stability, and self-sufficiency.  The program enables the individuals to participate in a combination of formal training and on-the-job skill development and create a job history, which can be helpful for folks who have had gaps in their employment for one year or more. In addition to career-building, we provide case management for wrap-around services, including financial empowerment, health education, and daily living activities for future success and independence. Currently, we have two more individuals in our program: one is a Mobile Food Operations Associate, and the other is a Client Services Associate. 

WVCS has been running this program for three years and has successfully moved 5 out of the 6 participants into permanent housing and employment. Our last client was a family of three, and they had been camping in the park for several years with their 12-year-old. Lisa, her husband, and their nine-year-old daughter lived in a tent and a car because they could not afford housing. In October 2022, Lisa began her temporary employment with West Valley Community Services through a job program. Through this opportunity, she received both case management and support services. Lisa reached her goals of obtaining a driver’s license, creating a resume, and exploring job opportunities and career growth. West Valley Community Services was also able to help Lisa and her family with temporary housing while she participated in the job program. After a few months, Lisa, her husband, and her daughter could move into a stable home.

Lisa’s own words

 " Thank you for helping me from the bottom of my heart I feel so lucky to be part of your team thanks for your support and believing in me; keep the good job you're so good at it. There are no words to describe how much support I received. I had a good experience while working with WVCS. They work as a team there and they saved me and my family from sleeping outdoors and in our car, we are forever grateful to WVCS. I am happy to have found this program. I had a fantastic time and experience with you, I learned so much. "

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