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Community Food Drive and the Fight Against Hunger

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

As I was updating and preparing for this year’s barrel drives, I wanted to share fond memories and thoughts for groups that have chosen us as the agency they want to help on an annual basis:

To the Letter Carriers in May, who picked up 25,000 pounds of food on their Stamp Out Hunger Campaigns – this year we had to get a POD!

To Goombah’s Classic Car Show and BBQ in Willow Glen who've filled 25 barrels and counting– Thank you for sponsoring us again this September - our 3rd year.

For Shri Gajanan Seva, whose temple I've been getting lost going to for 2 years but who have joyfully filled our Box Truck with food for the start of the school year - A special thanks to the temple members who were stopping by and unloading their cars as we were loading the truck.

For the Scouts, from Webelo to Eagle, who in November walk their neighborhoods twice! Once to ask for donations and the following weekend to pick them up early on a Saturday morning. They have filled our Markets and Moreland with 68,000 pounds of food just in time for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to seeing this one Scout who has come every year. His father says he looks forward to this day to put the cans and boxes on the shelves. This year he’ll be 7.

To Moreland School District, who began an annual Thanksgiving drive through all their schools with a friendly contest on which school can give the most – you have collected over 25,000 pounds so far!

And a special thanks to the Primrose School in Evergreen, an infant, pre – K and Kindergarten school where I was called last year to pick up a donation. As part of a giving program, the children, aged 4 -5, asked for donations from their parents and neighbors for a food pantry. Together they raised $700 and had a field trip to Walmart to buy groceries.Taking pictures with the kids and their donations was the best part of my day, and reminded me there is good in the world!

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