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Celebrate Mother’s Day & Father’s Day with WVCS

There is nothing more heart-wrenching for a mother or a father than to see their children go without food, to see them endure cold nights without blankets, or to see them sleep in the backseat of a car instead of a bed…day after day, and night after night.

It may surprise you to hear that this happens here, in Silicon Valley? Unfortunately, it does!

That’s why WVCS exists - to help folks in our community secure housing and food for their families. And with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, we want to invite you - our community - to join us in supporting parents facing food and housing insecurity in the west valley.

Throughout May and June, you can make a donation to ensure parents have items their families need the most - things such as pots and pans, sheets and pillows, furniture, and even cribs for babies. Your donation can help fix cars so folks can get to work, or repair ovens that have broken so families can prepare a meal.

Your donation to our Share Your Love fundraiser will help honor Mothers and Fathers in our community by ensuring moms and dads in our community have the support they need for their families to thrive. In addition, when you make a donation online, you can honor a mother or father figure in your life who will receive an e-card with a special message from you. This is a great way to thank a parent, sibling, teacher, friend, aunt, uncle or other treasured individual on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and support a family in need in our community.

For more information about the Share Your Love fundraiser, please look out for the email notification! With your help, we can bring hope to families struggling to put food on the tables and keep a roof over their heads, and celebrate the powerful impact our mother and father figures have on our lives. And what could be better than that?

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