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Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program

The West Valley Community Services (WVCS) Haven to Home (HTH) Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program aims to help individuals and families who are Unhoused to move into housing and achieve housing stability through a combination of short-term rental assistance and supportive services.

The program provides security deposit and rental assistance for one year on a sliding scale for clients meeting the eligibility criteria of the program.

The clients enrolled in WVCS Haven to Home Program for the Unhoused are identified to participate in the program once they meet the TBRA program eligibility. HUD defines homelessness as any individual or a family living under the following circumstances:

  • Currently homeless and living in places not meant for human habitation (i.e. a car, park, abandoned building, bus station, airport, or campground).

  • Living in night time shelter or transitional housing

  • Victim(s) of domestic violence and fleeing from abuse

  • Imminently losing housing or being evicted within the next 14 days

The WVCS HTH TBRA program will additionally prioritize the following from the eligible WVCS Haven to Home program participants in the WVCS TBRA Program :

  • Senior adults 60+ experiencing chronic homelessness, including folks who have a physical and/or medical condition as a result of being unhoused

  • Unhoused folks living in a west valley city or town who are not eligible for county queue based on the VI-SPDAT (Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool) score

  • Participants in the WVCS safe park program who have not scored into county queue based on the VI-SPDAT score

  • Unhoused families that are referred to WVCS by a local school district

Eligible Program recipients will be required to participate in a regular case management, financial empowerment program and in job training. Client are encouraged to:

  • follow through with mutually agreed case plans to achieve goals and achieve self-sufficiency

  • follow lease guidelines: clients will be educated on the lease requirements and benefits of abiding by all rules of the lease

  • increase income: clients will be connected to employment training and resources to enable them to increase income, pay their rent share and become financially stable.

  • financial literacy: Client will be provided coaching and resources on budgeting, credit rating and debt management through the WVCS financial empowerment program

Currently, there are 4 senior clients and 1 adult male successfully housed under the WVCS TBRA program who were homeless for some time. All of the clients were housed in affordable housing. This goal is to ensure long term housing stability and prevent return to homelessness once the rental assistance under the program ends.

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