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Remembering Barbara Nunes

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

This September, our community lost an incredible leader with the passing of Barbara Nunes. Barbara dedicated her life to the community, serving in many roles with the Fremont Union High School District, including teacher, administrator, and board member. In addition to her work with the FUHSD and Quota International of Cupertino, Barbara served on the West Valley Community Services Board of Directors from 2003-2010 and led our organization as Board Chair from 2008-2009.

During her time on the WVCS Board, West Valley Community Services completed construction of the Vista Village affordable housing complex and acquired our first refrigerated vehicle to meet the growing need for food support from families in our community. Even after her tenure on the Board ended, Barbara continued to be an advisor and advocate for our work, a reflection of her deep compassion for helping people facing food and housing insecurity.

Above: Barbara Nunes (in the red dress), as a then board member, thanking the gleaning partnership between West Valley Community Services and Trader Joe’s.)

In honor of Barbara, we reached out to community leaders who served with her on the West Valley Community Services Board of Directors, who shared these thoughts and reflections:

Barbara was an incredibly gracious, caring, capable and compassionate person. I always felt reassured when I was around her, that if she were involved in a problem that needed to be fixed, all would be OK. Barbara was extremely efficient in her roles, which were many. Our community will miss her leadership, her smiling face, and her loving ways.

- Laurie Dean

Barbara had wide reach and influence in the community. She was an active and dedicated Board Member. I loved her public spirit and her can-do efforts on behalf of WVCS. She was practical and focused. She will be greatly missed throughout our community. I am proud to have known her - even, just a little bit.

- Wendell Stephens

Barbara Nunes devoted herself to our community through her service in WVCS when it was still called CCS (Cupertino Community Services). Her steady hand and sensible policies guided FUHSD. She dedicated her life to support our youth in their academic pursuits. She also volunteered her time and talent to many organizations like the Quota Club, Optimists, Rotary and more. We will all miss her!

- Savita Vaidhyanathan

Barbara and I served on the WVCS Board for a number of years together. Of course, I had worked with her in the community on so many issues, from elected office to food insecurity to the Rotary Golf tournament. Barbara would rope me into buying far more poinsettias than I ever needed for the annual Quota fundraiser!! I did this because we both knew there was an increasing need for services at every level. WVCS was transitioning between Executive Directors, fundraisers, and name changes when we served together; we traded chair/vice-chair positions back and forth for the better part of 4 years. We worked well together - and knew that as teachers we could accomplish a lot and (endearingly) demand a lot of others. She has a space in my heart.

- Dolly Sandoval

Barbara will be greatly missed, but her commitment to the City of Cupertino is a legacy that will live on forever. Please join us in keeping Barbara and her family in our thoughts, and remembering the deep and lasting impact her leadership has had on our community.

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1 Comment

Oct 19, 2021

Barbara was an outstanding example to my husband David and me when we first joined the WVCS Board in 2006. We had a lot to learn about fundraising and community services. She helped inspire us along with others to see what we could do for the sake of others. You will be remembered by o many that you helped.

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