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Looking Forward to 2022-2023

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

As board chairs for the upcoming fiscal year, we look forward to the new year with great anticipation and excitement. In looking ahead, we will remain razor focused on our mission of uniting the community to fight hunger and homelessness in the west valley, building on more than 48 years of experience providing direct services to the community.

The existing economic environment has made the services provided by WVCS more important than ever. As the price of gas remains above $6.00 and the cost of food has risen over 11% in just the past few months, our clients need to stretch their dollars even further to make ends meet. Thanks to the generous support of our community, we will continue to be here to help fill the gaps for those in need.

While we continue to provide our core services, we want to innovate and promote new initiatives, and as we look ahead over the next 12 months, we intend to focus on the following strategic objectives:

Providing new and expanded program initiatives that support client self-sufficiency and systems change:

  • Expanding our Client Advisory Committee

  • Offering new learning opportunities and action hours programs

  • Launching a new tenant based rental assistance program

Expanding access to our programs and services:

  • Adding new zip codes to the RYDE program

  • Launching the Park-It-Market at a new location

  • Meeting increased demand for food and special programs support

Deepening our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access:

  • Conducting an agency accessibility assessment

  • Providing more learning opportunities for board, staff and volunteers

Please keep an eye on our blog and bi-annual newsletters for program updates and information. And as always, if you want to get involved or learn more about any of our programs or services, you can reach out to our team by phone or email here.

WVCS was founded in 1973 through the efforts of committed members of this community, and we continue to thrive thanks to the leadership and support of our compassionate and engaged community. It is our honor and privilege to lead WVCS as board chairs this year - and we thank you for your role in making all of our programs and services possible!

With gratitude,

Monica and Joan

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