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Executive Summary

West Valley Community Services
(WVCS) connects low income and
homeless individuals and families
to nutritious food, housing and
other critical support and services
they need to build stable lives
and futures.

Right now, West Valley
Community Services is seeing
an unprecedented increase in
need for support and services.
Between 2017 and 2018 we
experienced a 54% increase in
demand for support—beyond
anything we have seen in our
46-year history.

In order to meet this need, we
plan to remodel our facility to
double the size of the food
pantry, add a new dry storage
room, make better use of

office space, and add a new
1,000-square-foot multipurpose
room for client and staff use. We
will also purchase and customize
a new mobile pantry vehicle
to take food to clients who
have mobility or transportation


West Valley Community Services
seeks philanthropic support
for these upgrades so we can
help those most impacted
by the region’s housing and
affordability crisis. The proposed
upgrades will cost approximately
$2,125,000. WVCS will raise
these funds over two years
through a capital fundraising
campaign. With these changes,
WVCS will be able to meet the
growing demand for help in our


Josh Selo's Quote

About West Valley Community Services

There are 22,000 people living in poverty in the west valley. We are here to help.

West Valley Community Services is fighting poverty by providing critical food, housing, and support services to the low income and homeless individuals and families in the west valley communities of Cupertino, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, and West San Jose.

Our mission is to unite the community to fight hunger and homelessness.

Our vision is a community where every person has food on the table and every person has a roof over their head.

Our work is fueled by six core values: compassion, dignity, integrity, service, diversity, and ingenuity.

Learn more about current programs, volunteer opportunities and much more and at

WVCS' Growth
WVCS Growth Charts Trends
About WVCS


“I was all alone, living in my car. I had no hope, only desperation. WVCS returned my life to me. It’s about more than just a bag of food. They housed me, they gave me dignity and helped me and my footing.” - Christina, WVCS Client

West Valley Community Services lends a hand to people who are facing eviction and facing hunger because nothing else matters when you child is crying because he or she is hungry and nothing else matters when you don’t have a roof over your head.” - Luna A., WVCS Client

“West Valley Community Services saved us. They took care of our hunger. I never thought I could get out of shelters and ever have a place of my own to live. WVCS helped me find a place of my own.” - Jennifer G., WVCS Client

"West Valley Community Services has been one of the single most impressive programs I have seen in helping families and individuals in crisis" - M. Li, WVCS Client

“No one in our community should be without food and shelter. WVCS understands the needs of our most vulnerable community members as well as how to help them regain stability.” - Jim, WVCS Donor

“I am so very grateful to West Valley Community Services for getting me off of the streets and in a home. I was employed full time and still not able to afford housing. They not only gave me a home, but they returned my self-identity. I am not homeless and sleeping in bus stations anymore.” - Trey, WVCS Youth Client

“Supporting WVCS is one of the few ways in which I can give directly  to people in my community with some sense of equity and anonymity.” - Nick, WVCS Donor


Campaign Team


Josh Selo Team.png
Sujatha Venkatraman
Kohinoor Team.png
jIM m tEAM.png


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CC Team 3.png
CC Team 2.png
CC Team 4.png
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Joan Cummings  Chair

Shy Bhattacharyya  Vice Chair

Chris Alabi  Treasurer
Monica Chandra  Secretary

Jeanne Bradford  Capital Campaign Chair

Jennifer Gargano  Governance Committee Chair

Karina Mohajerani  Fundraising and Outreach Committee Chair

Temnee Wright  Advocacy Committee Chair

Melissa Berkowitz

Hector Gonzalez

Allan Greenstein

Montsy Hansack

Nagesh Kanumury

Angelia Lim-Sampson  
Jennifer Merlin

Ram Mohan

Steve Raspe

Umakant Sista

Sandra Sotoudeh

Campaign Team
Press and Media
Capital Investments
WVCS Rainbow.jpg

Capital Investments

Built in 2003, the West Valley Community Services’ building and food pantry were not designed to handle the number of clients we now serve each day. In 2018, the City of Cupertino granted us a permit to proceed with our proposed building renovations on our property. The facility improvements and a customized new mobile pantry will help us meet the anticipated increase in client demand through at least 2030.

Your investment in this campaign will ensure that West Valley Community Services can meet the growing need for food, housing, and services from families and individuals in our community. Furthermore, this campaign is designed with a focus on minimizing administrative costs. In fact, only 6% of the budget is allocated to campaign administration costs, targeting your investment on where it matters most: serving our clients and the growing need for help. Your participation will ensure that WVCS, a vital community resource, can continue to provide caring support to thousands of men, women, and children every year. Your contribution is not on an investment in a vitally important mission, but a statement of your values and expression of compassion for the crisis affecting
thousands of families in our community. Please join forces with us to make Silicon Valley more welcoming for all.


Planned Improvements
Use of Funds

Site Improvement Maps

1nd Floor Updates

1st Floor

2nd Floor Updates

2nd Floor

Mobile Food Pantry (Concept)

Mobile Food Pantry Concepts
Mobile Food Pantry Concepts
Mobile Food Pantry Concepts


Phone: (408) 255-8033 Fax: (408) 366-6090

A 501(c)(3) with Tax ID: 94-2211685


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