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A Special Mother's Day Gift

Support another, in honor of your Mother, this Mother's Day!

This Mother’s Day, we invite you to honor your mother, wife, grandmother, sister, daughter, partner, teacher or other loved one by making a Mother’s Day donation to urgently support families in need. 

Please note that the donation pages are not intended for a mobile experience and are best viewed on a computer browser.


Marie and her 5 children are unhoused and have to live in their car. Marie recently contacted West Valley Community Services in hopes to receive emergency financial assistance to move into housing because she and her 5 children are not able to sleep in their car long term. She has been working two jobs; however, because one of them is overnight, she is unable to continue working there because she does not feel comfortable letting her children stay in the car alone overnight. 

This Mother’s day you can be a light to a family experiencing an incredibly dark and difficult time in their lives. There are many mothers like Marie who come to WVCS for assistance with basic needs. Please help support mothers like Marie.

In recognition of your support, West Valley Community Services will email a personalized Mother’s Day e-card (click here to view the card) to your loved ones letting them know a gift was made in their honor (we do not share donation amounts). Please make sure to include your loved one's name and email contact information in the donation form.

Each gift will help us get a little bit closer to our goal to help families like Marie and her children.

Show your compassion on Mother's Day!

** Don't forget to click the "In honor of " checkbox to enter your dedication! **

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All love begins and ends there."

- Robert Browning

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate the person who taught you about kindness, caring, love, and compassion!

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