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A Special Father's Day Gift

Help another, in honor of your Father, this Father's Day!

This Father’s Day, we invite you to honor your father, husband, grandfather, brother, son, partner, teacher or any other loved one, by making a Father’s Day donation to urgently support families in need. 

Please note that the donation pages are not intended for a mobile experience and are best viewed on a computer browser.


"My name is Derek and I am a single Dad. 


My wife Sandra passed away from cancer a few years ago and I am the sole caretaker of our 5 year old daughter, Molly. Our sweet little daughter is inseparable from me and her teddy she calls Plinky. Recently, I sustained injuries at work. The disability payments are barely enough to support the rent and food for the two of us. I am heartbroken and scared to think what would happen to Molly if we were to get evicted and end up on the streets. Although physical therapy is helping, the recovery is very, very slow, and it will take some time before I am able to go back to work.


I live with dignity and want to get back to work as soon as I recover. In the meantime, we need your help so that we can remain housed and receive nutritious food. Please help us get through this hard time."

You have the power to help people like Derek and Molly and so many other families facing eviction or struggling with hunger and homelessness.

In recognition of your support, West Valley Community Services will email a personalized Father’s Day e-card to your loved one letting them know a gift was made in their honor (we do not share donation amounts). Please make sure to include your loved one's name and contact information in the donation form.

Each gift will help us get a little bit closer to our goal of raising $17,000

to help families like Derek and Molly's.

Donate Now

"No man stands taller than when he stoops

to help a child"

- Abraham Lincoln

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate the person who taught you about kindness, caring, love, and compassion!

Show your compassion on Father's Day!

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