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What is Gift of Hope?

After two years of conducting the program remotely, we were delighted that this year’s Gift of Hope was an in-person event on December 10th. The impact of the program was best exemplified in the beautiful smiles on the faces of the community members and children who receive gifts for the holiday season. The Gift of Hope program served more than 1,300 individuals. They received much-needed personal household items like jackets, blankets, pillows, microwaves, vacuums, toys, and gifts for children that they request, along with gift cards that they can use to buy something of their choice.  Living in poverty is bad in itself, but the holidays are especially hard for these community members as they are reminded of all the necessities and gifts for their families that they are unable to afford. The Gift of Hope program provided hope and needed items for these families and individuals.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to the 2022 Gift of Hope event, please click here

This event would not be possible without the community’s support, especially all the individuals, families, service clubs, and corporate teams that join together to adopt families and help make the holiday wishes come true for many!

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