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A Special Father's Day Gift

Support another, in honor of your Father, this Father's Day!

Share Your Love !

This Father’s Day, join us as we honor the hard working dads, many of whom are selflessly fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. We invite you to honor your father, husband, grandfather, brother, son, partner, teacher or other loved one by making a Father’s Day donation to urgently support families in need. 

In recognition of your support, West Valley Community Services will email a personalized Father's Day e-card to your loved ones letting them know a gift was made in their honor (we do not share donation amounts). Please make sure to include your loved one's name and email contact information in the donation form. The card sample can be seen here.


Jamar is a 45 year old single father to his 7 year old son, Ryan. Jamar came to West Valley Community Services because his landlord made an abrupt decision to sell the house he was renting. Unfortunately, Jamar and Ryan became homeless. Jamar was already facing extreme difficulty financially due to an on the job injury that required him to take time off to recover. Thankfully, Jamar had worker’s compensation, and SSI to help support him and Ryan. However, they could not make ends meet with the high rental cost and were facing food insecurity. With support from donors like you, Jamar was able to access the food pantry at WVCS. In early January of 2021, Jamar was able to find housing, but his vehicle was in need of repairs so that he could safely drive to work. Jamar’s application for car repair assistance was approved, providing him with a sense of safety while he continues to take care of his son Ryan and work towards stability. 

​This Father’s Day you can be a light to a family experiencing an incredibly dark and difficult time in their lives. Please help support fathers like Jamar, each gift will help us assist even more families like theirs.

Show your compassion on Father's Day!

** Don't forget to click the "In honor of " checkbox to enter your dedication! **

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"No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a child"

- Abraham Lincoln


Thank you for taking the time to celebrate someone who taught you about kindness, caring, love, and compassion!

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