A Special Father's Day Gift

Help another, in honor of your Father, this Father's Day!

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Join us as we honor the hard working fathers and father figures. Many of them continue to fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis amidst increasing tensions. This Father’s Day, we invite you to honor your father, husband, grandfather, brother, son, partner, teacher or any other loved one, by making a Father’s Day donation to urgently support families in need. 

In recognition of your support, West Valley Community Services will email a personalized Father’s Day e-card to your loved one letting them know a gift was made in their honor (we do not share donation amounts). Please make sure to include your loved one's name and contact information in the donation form.


"My name is Raymond. I am a father of two children. I have many years of experience as a financial adviser in the corporate world. Despite my years of experience I am struggling to find a job. As a result and out of desperation I recently had to turn to a ride share job to support my family.

 In 2017 my health suddenly deteriorated and I had to undergo a heart surgery resulting in a stent. Things turned worse when instead of recuperating I developed multiple respiratory infections. After six months of struggling I fully recovered. When finally things were looking up in 2018 I had a fatal rear end collision with another car. I broke several bones and now have been left with permanent spinal injury.

I am the only earning member of my household. My health situation forced us to exhaust all our savings and now COVID-19 has forced me to remain at home. I am very concerned for my family. With nowhere to go, no job and no one to turn to, I came to West Valley Community Services. Thank you for making such a huge difference to me and my children."

Raymond S."


This is why WVCS exists. To help families like Raymond's fight through these hard times. Help them survive. Help them not lose their homes, or go hungry.

This Father’s Day you can be a beacon of hope to many families experiencing a devastating time in their lives. You have the power to help people like Raymond and so many other families facing evictions, job loss and struggling with hunger and homelessness. As our country fights through all the turmoil we hope you will help support fathers and father figures  like Raymond, who have been devastated by the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Each gift will help us assist even more families like his.

Show your compassion on Father's Day!

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"No man stands taller than when he stoops

to help a child"

- Abraham Lincoln


Thank you for taking the time to celebrate the person who taught you about kindness, caring, love, and compassion!