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Emergency Financial Assistance

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West Valley Community Services offers emergency financial assistance to prevent evictions and utility cutoffs. WVCS also offers assistance for transportation, clothing, and other basic needs based on eligibility and availability of resources. If you or anyone you know is affected by schools and/or business closures, loss of jobs, and hourly earnings, or are now having to take care of dependent older adults amidst the COVID-19/coronavirus crisis, we are here to help. West Valley Community Services serves the following zip codes: 95014, 95030, 95032, 95033, 95044, 95070, 95129, 95130.

WVCS is also a part of the Destination Home Homeless Prevention System, through which clients facing crisis receive short-term rental and utility assistance based on eligibility.

Please call 408-255-8033 for questions about emergency financial assistance and to book an appointment. 

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