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Dasher Technologies has pledged to match dollar for dollar monetary donations and $1 per every pound of food donated. Check donations can be made out to

West Valley Community Services, 10104 Vista Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014,

please add 'Dasher Technologies' in the memo section.

Collection day is scheduled for December 10th and 11th at Dasher Technologies 675 Campbell Technology Pkwy #100, Campbell, CA 95008.

Our most needed food items are meals in a can (soup, stew, chili), low-sodium canned vegetables, canned fruit in its own juice/water, canned foods with pop-top lids, pasta & pasta sauce, healthy snacks (granola bars, nuts), low-sugar whole-grain cereals, shelf-stable milk, rice, mac and cheese, lunch meat, bread, peanut butter.

We do ask you to avoid items packed in glass. No candy or sugar-sweetened drinks. And we do not accept expired, opened, or broken cans, packages, or boxes. 

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