Inkind Donations

There are many ways to get involved with West Valley Community Services. Some people write checks, some people come into our office to give their time and others have a new set of twin sheets or bike lock they were planning to use, but decided to donate them to WVCS instead.

If you find yourself in the latter category, here are some ways you can help:

The WVCS Transitional Housing program is always looking for bedding or furniture for single men and women with a child under the age of six. Many of our Transitional Housing clients come from shelters or unhealthy environments and do not have the items they need to succeed in transitional or permanent housing. When we step out of the shower, we take our towels for granted, our clients to not take anything for granted. If you have new twin sheets, new towels, a gently loved dresser, or even a twin bed, please contact Summer-Lee Rodriguez at (408) 255-8033 x107 or for more information.

Transitional Housing is currently in need of:
Two twin mattress sets with frames
Two side dressers
Two dressers
Two lamps

Roonga is a new site for privately sharing with friends and trusted groups. An alternative to Craigslist and Freecycle, you decide who sees your posts - your friends, your friends' friends, and/or any groups you're part of. Because you are sharing only with trusted entities, not only can you sell or give things you no longer need, but you can also lend and rent items with confidence. And over time, Roonga becomes a resource of what's available in your network and community. It is a virtual inventory of assets in your network - so we can all share and leverage each other's resources more effectively, in a safe and trusted environment. Please visit Roonga at You can take a look at .

For more information on how you can help, please contact Jacqueline de Guzman at (408) 255-8033 x305.